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kin·dred adjective
similar in kind; related.

Feeling like you’ve lost your way in digital marketing?  Need help setting yourself apart? That’s branding and that’s what we do.

It starts with a story.

Content originates from your business story and is the driving differentiator that sets your brand apart. Once we have the story we refine that narrative optimizing words that deliver the best organic search results so you can be found on the web.


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Kindred Marketing Consultants supplies Marketing & Content Strategy from planning to creation that tells the story of your brand using the science of SEO for maximum exposure and results.

Our agency offers a full suite of services to fulfill the marketing needs necessary for your sales objectives.


Content Writing

We call it conversion storytelling because the goal of writing good content is to engage, entertain, and educate an audience to create brand awareness and sales. We both write that content and create a calendar to post across digital channels.


Search Engine Optimization is simply a way that the internet indexes subject matter through the use of keywords, but it does so through granular research tools and best practices that we implement so your content and brand receive optimal exposure. SEO keywords tell the consumer what you do.


Website Design

We work with the best in the industry to create a website that is both visually engaging and dynamic, but complies with, yes, SEO practices. No SEO, no organic exposure.

Graphic Design
Logo Creation

Our team of graphic designers can create your visual identity: logo, colors, font – everything that speaks to your business story.



Apart from written content, video is a significant player in the search results game. Our team can both coach and help you develop your video content according to your brand story.

Search Engine Marketing

Once we nail the organic integrity for your site and content, then we look to the paid advertising to broaden your sphere.

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